Changing Attitudes and Behaviour

Why do some people learn faster than others?

And why are some receptive to new ideas, when others are not?

P3 is the world class training organisation which pioneered attitudinal-based learning with the high ideal of achieving the best possible performance and return in motivational training.

The company first earned a reputation for advanced methods back in the 1990's, becoming respected leaders in the then rapidly emerging field of Accelerated Learning. But like all true leaders, P3 never lost sight of the need to improve techniques and performance, and this in turn led to deeper understanding of the complex relationship that exists between trainers and trainees. Paul Dunn and Chris Finnemore, leading consultants with P3 are respected authors in this field.

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Through research into the role of mood and emotion, P3 discovered the impact of attitude and the significant effect it can have on the way the human mind performs.

Put simply, when you alter the way an individual receives knowledge, you not only increase retention, but you will also change the way that information is perceived, the way it is memorised, and even the way it is eventually used.

This discovery transformed understanding of the accepted learning process, and P3 took pole position as the leading exponents of attitudinal-based learning.

The impact on corporate training and expectations is remarkable. No longer is it about increasing knowledge. Today the ideal is to alter the mindset of the trainee... to encourage a thirst for knowledge... to overthrow misconceptions and outdated beliefs... and to create a real desire to put new ideas into practice.

When there is a keen desire to learn, training works. Or as P3 put it ...

              people + passion = performance